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Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts was used as a weekend retreat for Catherine Filene Shouse’s children in the early 1900’s. Shouse donated 60 acres to the U.S. Government in 1966 and donated over $2 million to construct the Filene Center for performances, which was the first venue to be built on the land.

The Filene Center Seating

The Wolf Trap has three separate venues that they operate; the Filene Center, The barns at Wolf Trap, and the Children’s Theatre-in-the-woods as well as a Center for Education.  The Filene Center seats approximately 3,920 people. There are 39 rows at ground level that are separated from the stage by a pit and are surrounded by the orchestra.

There is a balcony that holds approximately 1283 seats and hangs about the last 20 rows that are on the ground level. Although there are limited seating, the venue is opened up for lawn seating that works on first come first serve. So although there might not be enough seats for you to sit inside, you are still able to enjoy the production or concert by sitting in the lawn with the comfort of lawn chairs or a blanket to sit on.

Seating in the Barn at Wolf Trap

The Barn consists of two separate barns; the first being the German barn which was built in 1730 and holds all of the seating while the second barn is the English barn and was built about 1791. The English barn is used as a reception and gathering area where cocktails, artisanal starters and paninis are offered before the performance.

The Barn can hold up to 382 people; 284 people on the floor and another 98 up in the hayloft.  The German barn features a large “swing Beam” which reflects on the original function which was to support the hayloft above and enabling a team of horses to be turned around into their stalls without obstruction.

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