Where Can I Watch the Mayweather Pacquiao Fight?

mayweather pacquiao fight
The Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao fight will take place in Las Vegas this Saturday, and it represents the hottest event in the professional boxing world in well over a decade. It is the most expensive pay-per-view fight ever, and tickets to the fight itself are among the most exclusive in the history of boxing. Millions of fans are hoping to get a glimpse of the action as it unfolds live, and people in this group still have a handful of options as they fight nears. Here are places where people can watch the Mayweather vs Pacquiao battle for the ages.

Group House Party

This will likely be the most popular option for many casual-to-serious fight fans throughout North America. The price tag for the fight via pay-per-view cable is $100, and taxes and fees will make it even more expensive. A very smart and cost-effective way to go is to have between five or 10 buddies over for the fight and split the cost. If 10 people show, it would only be $10, which is a steal when you consider how many people are going to pour thousands of dollars into watching this event.

Vegas Viewing Parties

Las Vegas is the epicenter of the entertainment world, and it will be the epicenter of professional sports this Saturday evening. For folks unable to get into the live event at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, there are an abundance of live viewing party options up-and-down the Las Vegas strip. These are also a bit pricey, coming in at $300-$500 per person for the right to watch the fight inside an exclusive Sin City locale, such as the TAP Sports Bar or the KA Theatre.

Additionally, an abundance of casinos are hosting viewing parties, including Mandalay Bay, the Luxor, Excalibur, New York – New York Casino and The Mirage. Although recent news has come down the pipeline that all of these casino viewing parties are sold out, tickets are still readily available on resale sites such as TicketProcess.com.

Local Venues

In big and medium-sized cities throughout the United States and Canada, local venues are striking deals with MGM Grand Enterprises and closed-circuit television operators in order to host viewing parties at bars, lounges and other like-minded venues. The establishment typically has to pony up a huge chunk to the powers that be in order to get the feed broadcast on their several TVs, an expense that they obviously pass on to the customer in the form of a ticket charge. Tickets to local public viewing parties are likely to be in the $50 range for many cities and the $100 range in big-time metropolises such as Chicago, New York and Dallas.

The Real Thing Up Close

There’s nothing quite like the real thing, and being able to bear witness to these two living legends of the boxing world stand toe to toe in the middle of the ring in Las Vegas for what will likely be a 12-round showdown is nothing short of a historic opportunity.

Mayweather remains a solid betting favorite in the Las Vegas sports books, but the many celebrities and high-profile athletes who’ve got behind Pacquiao in recent weeks suggest the Filipino-born boxer has more of a chance than people are giving him. The fight and the entire night are going to be so full of energy and electricity, it will be difficult to get to sleep before Sunday afternoon for those who are lucky enough to score last-minute tickets and secure their place in the audience at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

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