What Now for Mayweather and McGregor? The Future in 4 Bullet Points

mayweather vs mcgreggor

The cross-discipline fight of the century went down at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on the evening of Saturday, August 26, and the world didn’t explode. The explosions on the night primarily occurred by way of the fists of Floyd Mayweather in the eighth, ninth and 10th rounds, when his punches began to hit their mark and further daze the global icon of mixed martial arts. But what now? Here is a clear forecast of the upcoming future of both professionals.

Drop the Curtain

There remains a small chance that Mayweather could be in a professional boxing ring once again based on his skills, youthfulness for his age and the payouts involved. But there doesn’t seem to be any people left in the sport who could generate such anticipation by matching up with him in the next couple of years. Floyd obviously cares about his historic undefeated record quite a bit, and risking the now 50-0 mark he has built over the years just simply isn’t worth it. Consider him retired for good.

0-1 Career Mark

On to Conor. Had he been able to win the fight against Floyd last Saturday in any possible manner, it would have set the stage for a big rematch while temporarily setting the boxing world on its ear. This could actually have been a very bad thing for the UFC, as McGregor would likely be tempted into hopping back and forth into the disciplines as various opponents presented reasonable challenges and tasty payouts. Now, Conor McGregor is effectively done with professional boxing. He has his huge payday, and there is no conceivable opponent in the boxing world that could ever generate as much buzz and revenue as Mayweather.

McGregor in 2017 & 2018

McGregor has fought at welterweight, lightweight and featherweight throughout his mixed martial arts career. It is rare for an athlete to be able to float in between three weight classes, and doing so on a championship level is absolutely unprecedented. If he were just fighting in one weight class in the UFC, the opponents would obviously be at a premium. But he has three different opportunities to fight for and defend belts, and he has triggered a wave of hungry young professionals anxious to step into the octagon across from him and immediately catapult their name into international mixed martial arts fame.

Expect him to be back in the octagon sometime around the holidays, and another two or three times in 2018. Now that he has his payday, some fans believe he will back off the throttle in terms of pursuing professional greatness, but that doesn’t seem to be in the DNA of the Irishman. In the end, we all win. Fans can make sure to visit TicketProcess.com for all up-to-date information on McGregor as well as tickets at prices that are easily affordable.

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