Upcoming Events & the Shows That Put Paradise Rock Club On the Map

Paradise Rock Club

Formerly known as Paradise Theater, Paradise Rock Club is a center point of indoor music entertainment in the great city of Boston, Massachusetts. Opened back in September of 1977, it has woven its roots deep into the local community and has become a favorite evening and late-night destination of music lovers of all kinds.

The profitable formula features a loaded schedule which regularly fills the building that holds 933 general admission patrons in a standing-room-only environment. They all trickle through glass double doors on the right front of the building surprisingly quickly and efficiently. The schedule is packed, and 20+ performances are regularly staged during any given month. A look at the upcoming slate reveals that Paradise Rock Club is a hub of alternative acts from several modern, pulse-pounding genres of music. Here are more specifics.

Location, Location

Real estate themes permeate throughout the music business. Paradise Rock Club benefits from a centralized location that is within a mile of Boston University and two miles of Harvard University. This means that tens of thousands of students are within a short drive, Uber ride or even walk to the Rock Club.

As a result, the acts put on stage tend to be youthful and up-and-coming soloists and bands. It is an over 18 establishment, and a very popular place for folks in their 20s and 30s. Situated at 967 Commonwealth Avenue, PRC is also within a short drive or medium-sized walk of several late-night establishments. On Commonwealth Ave, it is perfectly wedged between a popular pub and a Goodwill Center.


Band names and music styles seem to become more bold, innovative and creative with each passing year. An early-December show at Paradise Rock Club features Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, an insanely hard-working funk band that has become known for playing as many as 200 shows per year since they were formed in Baltimore, Maryland back in 2009. King Krule and Show Me The Body played a huge show in late-October 2017, raising the eyebrows of fans with their fresh breed of performance art and music.

Big Shows of the Past

A total of 933 patrons is relatively small by all accounts, but the venue with the signature silver and pewter pillars made to look like the stumps of large trees is an attractive place to play a show, especially for performers and bands visiting the city of Boston for the first time. It is a ground-level type of place, and it has a mystique all its own. This is in part thanks to a unique rotated-rectangular layout that provides an incredibly wide yet not too deep area for fans to gather. Probably the biggest name to ever play the venue was R.E.M., which captivated a sold-out audience with their emotional breed of rock several years ago.

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