UFC 205 NYC MSG Madison Square Garden one of Biggest Events Ever – 3 Things All Fans Should Know


UFC 205 will unfold at Madison Square Garden on the evening of November 12. The event is special for a number of reasons, the biggest being that it’s the first time a UFC event will be hosted in NYC. Here are three major things all fans interested in buying tickets and attending should know.

How UFC 205 Came About

The state of New York has long held off against sanctioning any mixed martial arts bouts. Governing figures who were against opening up the gates to the most popular sport in last decade cited long-expired customs from a foregone era of mixed martial arts. Truth is that MMA has evolved quite a bit since it sprang onto the scene in the mid-90s.
One event was held in the very early days of the franchise in the city of Buffalo before the iron-clad policies were established. Thankfully, they were revoked earlier this year, clearing the way for some of the biggest UFC events to unfold in venues such as MSG.

The Fight Card

Much speculation is already surrounding what the main card, undercard and supplementary card will be. It is safe to say that all fighters in the franchise who have had sufficient rest will be interested in taking to the Octagon in an arena that has hosted some of the single greatest events and entertainers in all of America over the last century.
Dana White recently said Ronda Rousey will “definitely not” fight in UFC 205. It should be worth taking into consideration that UFC president Dana White once said that women would “definitely not” fight in the UFC. So who knows. But the most popular weight division on the women’s side is very likely to be contested at this event, so fans should expect an announcement and official confirmations to be coming before long. All fans can rest assured that the new powers that control the UFC are – much Zuffa was for several years – constantly at work behind-the-scenes to create a product that entertains fans in a way that few professional sporting events can.
Other names that have been swirling in online forums and chat rooms include Tim Kennedy vs Rashad Evans, as well as a UFC Welterweight Championship affair starring Thiago Alves. Anxious fans have already taken note that it will be a full three months since Conor McGregor most recently fought, and no one loves a big stage more than the flashy Irishman.

A Scoring Controversy Looms

Many UFC fans from the West Side of the United States believed that Nate Diaz actually won the fight, 3 rounds to 2. The judges are not to be blamed for arriving at a conclusion which set the stage for the trilogy of the matchup, but it is safe to say that the UFC scoring system is still a bit fuzzy and in need of clear interpretation.
Are five clean punches landed basically the equivalent of five takedowns? Three takedowns? One takedown? These are ambiguous things that are currently codified into a league growing by leaps and bounds in recent years. Drama always makes for a good storyline. There is sure to be plenty of it when a fight card featuring nearly a dozen matchups unfolds on the second Saturday night in November.

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