UFC 200 verses UFC 205 – Which is Bigger?


As UFC 205 looms as the first event in New York City in the history of the popular franchise – and possibly the greatest mixed martial arts event ever – one question continues to be debated in forums throughout the Internet. Is the fight card actually bigger than that of UFC 200, which front man Dana White and others specifically stacked to be the greatest card ever?
Perhaps. Perhaps not. Here is further discussion on a highly-debated topic.

The McGregor Factor

The decision as to whether the fight card for UFC 200 or UFC 205 is bigger largely hinges upon how fans feel about talented and feisty Irishman Conor McGregor. The polarizing figure is one of the top-ranked fighters in the franchise, and perhaps its most profitable figure ever.
Big fans of the slugger who walks the walk and talks the talk immediately point to UFC 205 as being the better card given the fact that it includes him. Non-fans of McGregor and other followers of the franchise who appreciated the depth of UFC 200 would be quick to disagree.

Las Vegas vs New York City

The opening up of the great state of New York to mixed martial arts will likely mean the UFC will make The Big Apple their East Coast outpost. Over the last several years, they set up shop in Las Vegas, Nevada, treating Sin City as their global hub of fighting entertainment.
It only makes sense that McGregor will continue to fight in New York City, and most likely Madison Square Garden, because the locale is several thousand miles closer to Ireland than the West Coast. It will be interesting to see how staging the event on the cusp of the Atlantic Ocean affects other elements of future events.

Time Will Tell

As is the case with almost every monumental UFC event, time will tell the story of how great it is. Once a year or two passes, it will be plain to see whether or not UFC 205 actually outperformed UFC 200.
But by then, the billion-dollar company could easily be on to UFC 300, staged on Mars and featuring the first time a bout ever pits a human being against an alien entity. Stay tuned. If and when this intergalactic showdown takes place, all UFC fans can be sure that TicketProcess.com will be the place to go for a wide array of affordable UFC 300 Mars tickets.


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