Presale Tickets Tips & Tricks: Ticketmaster Presale Tickets & More

Presale Tips

Buying presale tickets has a variety of perks. These are sales that take place before they become available to the general public, making some of the best seats available at great prices.

What is a Presale?

A presale is a period of time when tickets for an event go on sale to a specified group of fans, typically as a reward for being a loyal member and/or customer. This select group will be given a code (usually via email) in advance, which will give them the ability to search and buy tickets before anyone else. *Note: not all fans are guaranteed a ticket during a presale, but they do have a considerable advantage compared to other fans who don’t have a code.

How to get Presale Passwords

As mentioned above, fan club memberships are a common method used to get presale codes. However, there are other roads to getting passwords that may be required, depending on the event and where the event’s tickets are sold. We’ve included a list of ways presale passwords can be obtained below.

Common ways to get Presale Codes

  • Fan Club Membership
  • Credit Card Membership
  • Venues
  • Radio Stations
  • Ticketmaster *A*
  • Live Nation
  • Team Presales *B*
  • VIP Packages *C*
  • Album Pre-orders *D*

A: To clarify, there are a few ways to get codes from Ticketmaster: Being signed up to TicketMaster’s special offer email list will provide codes if available. Another avenue would be following them on various social media outlets because they may post codes for unique presales on the day the tickets go live.

B: Sports teams usually try to give their loyal fans early access to game tickets. Looking for early access to your favorite team? Check out their website for more information on how to join their email list.

C: Sometimes when you search for tickets, you’ll see VIP Packages. These exclusive packages typically go on sale before the inventory goes on sale to the general public. A VIP Package can provide you with secure tickets and a chance to get some of the best seats in the house.

D: Occasionally, tours will offer presale codes to fans who have pre-ordered the artist/bands new album. That’s a two in one deal! Early access to tickets and music by your favorite artist(s).

What do I do after I get my presale password?

  1. Make a note of when tickets will be going on sale. TicketMaster will have onsale dates available below the “More Info” button. Presale tickets
  2. A commonly used method when trying to obtain presale tickets is to use multiple devices to refresh the inventory page after entering the password. Using multiple browsers on the same computer/device will get you blocked from the site!
  3. Another useful tip is to copy the password so that you can easily paste it everytime the page is refreshed. Ctrl + V is a quick and easy keyboard shortcut for pasting.
  4. Go to the ticket page a few minutes prior to the presale. Start hitting F5 every 10 seconds within a minute or two before the presale is set to begin.
  5. Several parameters will be available: Quanty (of tickets), Ticket Type, and Price & Section. After you fill out these sections, click search. It may be a little wait. Presale Tips
  6. If your seats are sold out or it shows seats you don’t want, simply hit “search again” and better seats may become available.
  7. After you’ve found your desired tickets, it would be wise to be mindful of the timer. If you wait to long to purchase the selected tickets, you will lose them.
  8. Once you’ve found your tickets, fill out the requested information in a timely fashion.
  9. Enjoy the show or event from great seats!

Buying Tickets Now

For those looking to avoid the stress and/or pressure of fighting for tickets. Our recommendation, as always, is Get tickets quickly and easily from a safe, reliable source.

FYI: Ticketmaster is a popular source for buying tickets directly. Some other sites may be, and If you are part of the artist or team’s mailing list or follow them of Facebook or Twitter, they will usually specify the source.

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