The “New” Katy Perry: 4 Things to Know About the Evolving Starlet

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Katy Perry is back in the center of the pop music scene after an impressive and thought-provoking performance during the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday evening.

She wore an armband representing a mantra of the anti-Trump movement while playing an impressive song with splashes of reggae that hint at a whole new chapter in the life of the megastar. An upcoming 2017 tour is likely to weave throughout North America. Here are some interesting and relatively new things that fans who may have not checked in on Perry for a year or so should know about the star who has sold over 100 million albums worldwide.

Her New Sound

Wearing an ivory pantsuit that seemed to be a clear nod to the wardrobe of her 2016 presidential choice, Perry performed the song Chained to the Rhythm, which was released just days ago. She was helped along by the talents of Skip Marley, a descendent of the true Jamaican legend of reggae, Bob Marley.

The song was a clear departure from the mainstream pop that Perry has largely produced throughout the course of four studio albums. It is a slight indication that she is pursuing a deeper and more meaningful path to creating music. Some fans have speculated that an album is soon coming along with many upcoming tour dates.

Her New Cause

It is clear that things are more politically-charged in Katy Perry’s world these days. The 32-year-old has not released an album in nearly 4 years. A lot has happened in the world in those four years, including the election of a leader who is drawing equally passionate mixed reactions.

Perry is clearly planting her flag on one side of the fence, and she seems determined to fly it high. Her outfit during her performance at the Grammys featured an armband with the word “persist,” as well as a Planned Parenthood emblem on her pantsuit. Despite her bold and personal beliefs, is clearly assumed that folks from all walks of life, backgrounds and political and social beliefs will be welcome at each and every one of the concerts she performs.

Her New Hair

The Instagram world got a taste of a major change to Perry’s look recently when she posted her latest blonde hairdo. She was a brunette the last several years, but the switch of color could be a nod to other female pop artists who have gone blonde while openly expressing political views, such as the great Lady Gaga.

Breaking the Drought

Much like the drought has been broken throughout a large part of Perry’s native state of California, she will more than likely be breaking a musical and creative drought by going on tour for the first time in several years and releasing an album for the first time since 2013. She initially sprang onto the scene with her second album in 2008, and complemented that with Teenage Dream in 2010. Her upcoming studio work is expected to go a long way toward defining the next several years of her career.


Following the performance, Katy Perry left all fans excited for her next album which will hopefully be followed by an incredible world tour. Fans that hope to attend one of Katy’s shows can find tickets to all of her performances that are to come at at prices that are easily affordable under any budget.

Katy Perry – Chained To The Rhythm (Lyric Video) ft. Skip Marley

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