The Five Best NHL Uniforms in 2014-15

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5 Best NHL Uniforms

NHL hockey jerseys are the material juxtaposition of old school and new school. There aren’t many physical alterations to the measurements and layout of the garments that can be changed due to the nature of the padding, so many teams have chosen to experiment with vibrant color schemes and other approaches to creative design. Others squads have stuck with tradition, keeping the same logo and same basic color layout for the last several decades. Here are the five best team uniforms from the NHL 2014-15 season.

Senators Uniform

5. Ottawa Senators

With a logo that clearly shows hockey fans all over the world that the team name is a reference to the Senators from the ancient Roman era, Ottawa had to be on this list. The warrior headshot logo harkens back to a time when men performed violent and high-stakes acts for cheering crowds thirsty for blood. In a sense, a bit like modern-day professional hockey.

Bruins Uniform

4. Boston Bruins

The Bruins are one of the NHL’s true examples of a team that has stuck with tradition. The classic B-logo with eight spokes that connect the letter to a black and yellow bordering circle is a sight recognized and respected throughout the hockey world. The team hasn’t tinkered much with the layout over the years, and has stuck with the classic three elbow stripes.

Sharks Uniform

3. San Jose Sharks

The Sharks logo has only changed slightly since their arrival into the league in the early 90s. The shark has become a bit more fierce, fast looking and aggressive, as is evidenced by the fact that the shark is in the process of chopping through the middle of a hockey stick on both the home and away jerseys. Perhaps the chunk of the stick that ended up in the large mammal’s mouth is what caused the team to choke in the playoffs the last few seasons.

Flames Uniform

2. Calgary Flames

The Flames have long had one of the coolest logos in all of sports. Blending simplicity with an image that can actually raise blood temperature, the Flames deserve a high spot on this list. The letter C is spitting fire from its backside, a lot like a musclecar or an elaborate firework. Both are solid symbols for a team that continually pushes the pace and challenges for the Stanley Cup.

Flyers Uniform

1. Philadelphia Flyers

We chose to go with old-school tradition over New Age style for the #1 overall pick. There’s just something about the Flyers logo and colors that transports hockey fans back to the magical era of the sport, when legends such as the toothless Bobby Clarke helped the team dominate the league and strike fear into all opponents.

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