Thanksgiving 2012 Football: Wise 1st Quarter Decisions Are Key To Enjoying Thanksgiving’s Offerings

Every fan of NFL football knows that Thanksgiving Day is full of feasts; and not just those that involve turkey, gravy and stuffing. The natural human inclination is to fill yourself as full as possible of every enjoyable thing at your disposal from start to finish, but this can actually be a risky and haphazard approach that results in discomfort and premature sleepiness. The plain truth about Thanksgiving Day is that you need to pace yourself as a sports fan and a connoisseur of delicious foods.

For folks on the West Coast, the action gets going early as Detroit kicks off their annual Thanksgiving Day game about the time when most folks are shaking off the cobwebs from a long night’s sleep. Fun-loving football fans may see this as an opportunity to get the party started early by partaking in a grand breakfast and a few mimosas, but this can be a risky approach. Filling yourself up with food and alcohol too early on Thanksgiving Day can result in a listless second half and fourth-quarter, so to speak, and the wise sports and food connoisseurs will wait till later in the day to put the engine in fourth gear.

Going for nice walk, easy jog or just taking some time to stretch out and get the blood flowing is a very good way to spend a half hour on Thanksgiving morning. The temptation is to treat the whole day like one giant buffet, but a light and healthy breakfast high in fiber is an excellent base for a long day of enjoying yourself. Think fruits, grains and juices when compiling your first meal of the day, and understand that four separate football games will take place over the course of the magical day.

The Dallas Cowboys have always hosted the second round of action on Thanksgiving, and until recent years, the Lions game and Cowboys game were all the NFL offered. In the past decade, a third NFL game has been added for the evening. NCAA college football has recently joined the fun as well, profiling two major college programs on an evening when millions of football fans are anxious to consume their favorite type of entertainment.

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