Super Bowl LII: Finding Tickets For Next Years Big Game


Super Bowl LII has already been scheduled and set for February 4, 2018 at the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. Though we don’t know who will be performing yet, NFL fans can already begin to adjust future events and plans for next years big event.

AFC East Dominance

 The Patriots have won the AFC East division 13 of the last 15 years. This is a rain of complete dominance that eclipses any run of its kind in the modern era of professional football. When Tom Brady was injured in 2008, the Miami Dolphins somehow summited the division. When Brady was first getting his sea legs after the tumultuous and dramatic 2001 season, the New York Jets won the division in 2002. Aside from those two years, New England, Brady and Bill Belichick have comfortably won the grouping of teams up-and-down the East Coast, including an eight-year current run.

Year of the Asterisk

 Tom Brady was suspended for the first four games of the 2016 NFL regular season as a result of the fallout of “deflate-gate,” a series of events that unfolded after an Indianapolis Colt linebacker intercepted a pass in the postseason a few years ago and quickly realized that the ball felt a bit soft.

 Brady and the Patriots have continued to insist upon their innocence, and he has continued to dominate the NFL landscape since that moment. The four-game suspension in the beginning of the year didn’t seem to make much of a difference for a squad that is now 15-2 and moving forward hoping to win their 16th game and most recent Super Bowl.

The Falcons’ Wingspan

 The squad out of Atlanta recently played the final professional football game in the Georgia Dome, which housed the squad throughout the last few decades and created an environment in which the crowd could  go wild in support of their hometown group.

 But the Falcons, quarterback Matt Ryan, head coach Dan Quinn and the other major players of the franchise are looking forward to hitting the ground running when they make the transition. There is no greater lubrication for a transition such as this than a Super Bowl victory. It would be the first time the Falcons have ever reached the summit of professional football’s highest peak.

Las Vegas Numbers

 Las Vegas casinos moved quickly to release numbers that are reflective of the outcome predicted by the experts. Simply put, the Patriots are a three-point favorite heading into SB51, and the experts expect around 59 points to be scored. If it lands exactly on the numbers forecasted by mathematical wizards, the Patriots would win by a score of 31-28. All folks who see the game from other perspectives would be wise to lay their money on the line in the state of Nevada or New Jersey, if the situation presents itself.

Ticket Info

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