Is Ronda Rousey the Most Dominant Athlete In Pro Sports? – Debate #1 –

Ronda Rouse UFC 190

Coming off of a 34-second dismantling of Bethe Correia at UFC 190 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, it has become as clear as ever that Ronda Rousey is the single baddest and most dangerous woman in all of mixed martial arts. The case was recently made by respected social media figures that she is currently the most dominating athlete in all of pro sports. Here is the debate from both sides.

She Is

Rousey’s last three fights have totaled 1:04 seconds, collectively. Even the great Mike Tyson in the height of his prime in the mid to late 80s didn’t come close to touching this mark. It is reflective of the sheer dominance of a woman who is a pioneer in her profession.

Undefeated throughout the entirety of her mixed martial arts career, Rousey has become one of the biggest tickets in the UFC. Dana White recently bragged about UFC 190 eclipsing various totals of UFC 189 – a highly advertised and anticipated event that featured Conor McGregor knocking out Chad Mendes.

Honestly, there is no logical or conceivable opponent on the horizon that will give Rousey any type of problems. It is reasonable to assume that she will go undefeated throughout her entire career. The new standard has become whether or not an opponent can last a full minute.

The last opponent to accomplish the great 60-seond feat was Sarah McCann, who fell victim to a TKO by way of a knee to the body just 1:06 into the first round in Las Vegas back in February 2014. Taking all relevant factors into account, the answer just might be: No – Rousey simply cannot be beat.

No, She Isn’t

Let us not get carried away. Yes, Rousey is undefeated. Yes, she is a 135-pound wrecking ball that strikes fear into every opponent. But to anoint her as the most dominant athlete in professional sports would be an overzealous move bordering on insulting to everyone involved.

The 28-year-old Riverside, California native clearly benefits from the reality that women’s mixed martial arts is in its infancy. She is the first bad ass to officially plant her flag and stake her claim for greatness, and for that she should be rewarded. But… C’mon, now.

LeBron James

LeBron James is a cut or two above almost every professional basketball player ever, and when his career is said and done, he may go down as the greatest to ever play the sport. Despite a few controversies, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has continued to lead his team to the mountaintop of professional football among a sea of teams full of talent who also aspire to do so. Young PGA Tour phenom Jordan Spieth won the first two majors of the 2015 year, besting well over 100 golfers far superior in age and experience.

So, simply put, the answer is No. Ronda Rousey has officially entered herself into the discussion, but she is not yet near being considered the most dominant athlete of all time given her short stint in the rare air of virtual perfection.

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