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The Richard Rodgers Theater in New York City on famed 46th Street within the Broadway district has been open to the public since 1928. In those times, visiting the theater was the most ambitious and exciting endeavor imaginable. Thanks to a recent production called Hamilton, the Richard Rodgers Theater is once again the focus of the global live theater epicenter.

Securing Your Seat

Many folks interested in securing seats for Hamilton or other upcoming productions would be wise to sort out the specifics and gain an understanding of the Richard Rodgers Theater seating chart. Unlike professional baseball fields built in the inaugural years of the 20th century and throughout the next few decades, theaters up-and-down the East Coast largely adhere to a basic layout structure.

A massive stage flanked on both sides with parted curtains once the fun begins is at the center of the action, and the Orchestra is usually smoothly buried underneath the edge of the elevated plateau. Then come the front rows, the second and third rows and the progressing several rows that make up a sizable floor section. Row D is the largest and widest of the floor section.

Seating at the Richard Rodgers Theatre

Mezzanine Overhang Level 1 starts at row J, and the far-back row X has a handful of seats and many more spaces designed for handicapped theatre fans to take in shows from a comfortable angle. The RR Theatre has long been a favorite destination of NYC theatre tourists, and a long list of notable productions at Richard Rogers Theater are a testament to the earned prestige of the venue.

Along with a handful of other locations spawned by bold innovators who boldly believed in the power of live theater in New York City in the infancy of the era, Richard Rodgers Theater was part of the founding father collection of brick-and-mortar spots that are very expensive to enter these days without the aid of an online exchange such as

The Greenwich Village Follies was the inaugural performance back in late-December 1925. Knickerbocker Holiday previewed to audiences in February 1939, and Damn Yankees visited the venue in 1955, creating a performance that garnered them the 1956 Tony Award for Best Musical. encourages anyone interested in attending any upcoming event, including Hamilton, to explore their online exchange for affordable Richard Rogers Theater tickets now.

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