Red Rocks Amphitheatre: Upcoming Events, Seating Chart and More! Part 1

Red Rocks Amphitheatre

The Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado is a marvelous outdoor venue perfectly blended into a natural landscape that has been artfully carved out by the changing of the planet over the course of the last several billion years.

As a result of the gently sloping, increasingly wide layout of a typical amphitheater, several have been blended into beautiful natural venues around North America in the last century or so. But none are anything like this.

Red Rocks Amphitheatre Seating Chart & Upcoming Events

Red Rocks Park has billions of tons worth of rock, and the million or so tons that surround the seating area with a capacity of nearly 10,000 are like something out of a great oil or watercolor painting. Fans who purchase tickets to Red Rocks Amphitheatre will be able to witness some of the best acts in the music business while bookended by the visual thrills and great natural energy that emanates from the giant facades.

Here are three things that the average music fan in America probably doesn’t know about the spot just 10 miles west of the great city of Denver.

54 Gs

In 1927, a savvy civic manager by the name of George Cranmer successfully lobbied Denver to buy the property from the early-20th-century producer and promoter Jon Walker. For a price of $54,133, or about three quarters of a million by today’s inflation numbers, the venue switched hands to the City of Denver, which proceeded to treat it like the incredible natural gem that it is.

If it were to sell today, one can only speculate about the price. But it is probably safe to say that Red Rocks could fetch a price as much as 50 times the modern equivalent of what Denver initially paid for it.

The Crazy 1970s.

In the summer of 1971, relatively hard rockers Jethro Tull played a show that featured about 1000 people without tickets showing up and for some reason expecting to be admitted. Local police and concert organizers worked with the large group that grew increasingly rowdy as the concert approached, offering them free access to a spot behind the stage.

While many were satisfied with the situation, a few rogue fans decided to throw rocks at police and bust through barricades in a lame-brained attempt to see the concert. It resulted in a banning of rock ‘n roll shows at the venue for the next five years. Thankfully, incidents such as this have not been common in the modern era, where savvy fans secure tickets online.

Amazing Honor

Pollstar is one of a small collection of music websites that are widely esteemed by almost all in the business. Their annual list of awards has long included “Best Small Outdoor Venue,” and Red Rocks Amphitheatre has been given the distinction a total of 11 times. As a result, the site recently decided to simply name the award “The Red Rocks Award,” allowing other small outdoor venues to have a chance.

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