Old School: The Oldest Venues in American Sports & Entertainment


In an era where new and modern has become a common theme in almost every entertainment and sporting venue in America, it is increasingly rare that a facility dates back further than a few decades. In a handful of instances, places have woven themselves into local folklore and were around as cities developed around them. Here are the oldest sports venues in all of the United States in each respective major sport.

Fenway Park

While it should be noted that Chicago’s Wrigley Field also dates back to the second decade of the 1900s, Fenway Park has stood and maintained itself as a major epicenter of high-stakes professional baseball for well over a century now. It has developed monikers such as “America’s Most Beloved Ballpark” and “The Cathedral.”

Both would be hyperbole if they were not so very true. Fenway has a historic aura that permeates throughout every square inch of its sturdy and impressive facility. It is known for its awesome lighting towers and its immaculate grounds that are groomed up and brought to life perfectly nearly 100 times each spring, summer and fall.

It is also incredibly well known for its left-field wall, dubbed “The Green Monster,” an architectural choice that initially had to do with the limitations of space upon the nearby Yawkey Way. Tens of thousands of residents of Boston and nearby areas enjoy games on annual basis, and an equal amount come through on vacation to experience a historic baseball venue and scratch something off of a bucket list.

Oracle Arena

Many people would guess Madison Square Garden when proposed with the question of what is the single oldest basketball venue in the NBA. While this is very close, and MSG is actually second-oldest, Oracle Arena in Oakland currently has the distinction.

A look at the exterior of the oval-shaped arena definitely reveals an architecture that harkens back to the 60s, and it was completed and opened to the public in 1966. It has become known as “Roaracle Arena” in recent years as a result of the insane level of crowd noise and chart-topping decibel outputs. The team and the fan base has come alive since Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and others arrived in the Northern California Bay a handful of years ago. The collection of stars have already produced a few championships, and many more appear to be on the horizon. Oracle has been gently renovated in recent years in order to bring it up to speed with the modern, Silicon Valley experience of live sporting entertainment.

Soldier Field

Soldier Field began hosting professional football back in 1924, when wealthy trendsetters drove Model-T Fords to and from the impressive Stadium. A major renovation took place back in 2002 that essentially gutted the majority of the interior. The result is an array of perfectly-sloped sections of seating that have sightlines toward the center of the gigantic emerald canvas.

The Bears have been a perpetually competitive squad throughout the decades, and their 1985 team is regarded as one of the single greatest in the history of football. Cheering them on at Soldier Field is once again a popular endeavor, as a young quarterback has infused renewed energy and hope into a passionate and proud fan base.

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