NRG Stadium Super Bowl Seating Chart & Details


NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas has a very interesting history. The powers that be in Southern Texas decided that a massive stadium needed to be built to supplant the Astrodome, and they envisioned the new work of art having the first ever retractable roof in the National Football League.

It has hosted a wide variety of events, including Disney on Ice. In that particular configuration, a small Northwestern section of the stadium is utilized. The dozen surrounding sections that encompass the ice layout are filled with fans, as are a large handful of floor-level sections that are constructed by way of folding chairs.

When a huge concert featuring a major artist is scheduled, the massive stage is constructed in what is essentially the eastern end zone. A variety of mega superstars have played the venue in recent years, and many were able to sell out the structure that features as many as five large levels of seating.

The Beginning for NRG Stadium

When the NCAA Final Four goes down in Houston, there are even more sections. A basketball court is far smaller than a football field, and floor seating abounds for folks interested in getting as close to the action as possible.

The Astrodome was a historic venue that wove itself into the very fabric of Houston over the course of the last three decades, but it was actually unfit for modern use given the fact that the action essentially unfolded on cement spray-painted green. The Texans and their conglomerates aimed to build a facility that could host the famous rodeo, which takes place every year, as well as a successful NFL team that would hopefully compete for NFL titles on a regular basis.

Both endeavors were accomplished to a certain degree. The first ever rodeo was held in February 2003 in front of a huge audience able to take in the splendid modern amenities of a building essentially built by way of blank checks.

NRG Stadium had a natural grass surface from the time it opened up until early 2015, when it transitioned from the original green to a synthetic surface that the majority of multi-million-dollar venues utilize these days. Fans of natural grass throughout all sports appreciate the fact that the venue opened its roof whenever possible in order to continue to grow the essential element by way of sunshine.

When a Texans game unfolds, NRG Stadium is at its best. Every one of the 71,795 seats are available and filled. Ticket prices obviously very wildly from seats that will put fans within shouting distance of players and coaches to those that will give them a birds-eye view of the action unfolding on the emerald playing field.

Ticket Info

The annual rodeo also garners huge popularity and fan enthusiasm, which include several major corporate sponsors that have paid to have their name on various areas throughout the concourse. Fans interested in attending events at NRG Stadium will not pay much if they know where to look for affordable tickets, which are currently only a few clicks away.


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