NHL Schedule 2013: NHL Hockey Season Kicks Off October 1st

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The NHL 2013 schedule starts about a month earlier than usual this year in order to accommodate the break for the 2014 Winter Olympics. The powers that be in a fast-paced and talented league kindly allow their greatest players to play for their home countries every four seasons, and this is one of them. This fact should only serve to boost the drama and competitiveness that unfolds on rockhard sheets of ice all over North America this winter and next spring.

Players and teams will have a chance to prove themselves over the course of a grueling and demanding 82-game schedule after a 2013 season that was shortened by a lockout. As opposed to last year shotgun beginning, teams have had months to prepare and game plan for this year’s regular season, which begins for some squads on October 1.

A handful of teams are coming into the 2013 – 14 campaign riding a wave of success. The Pittsburgh Penguins had an excellent season in the Eastern Conference and appeared poised to represent the large group of teams in the Stanley Cup Finals. The Boston Bruins had other ideas, and after sweeping and basically embarrassing the Penguins in Eastern Conference Finals, they were slayed by a Chicago Blackhawks team that was nothing short of a force of destiny. All three of these teams are sharpening their skates and lacing up their boots tight in hopes of slashing through their schedule and making it deep into the postseason once again.

Large and passionate fan bases such as those of the New York Rangers, Detroit Red Wings, San Jose Sharks and Toronto Maple Leafs are all plenty ready to watch their squads breakthrough the barrier between consistently good and truly great. The Anaheim Ducks and Los Angeles Kings have hockey fans in Southern California very excited about the action that will unfold on sheets of frozen water in the sun-soaked city on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. NHL hockey has attained its place in the professional sports landscape as some of the most exciting and hard-hitting action that can be witnessed up close and personal. Be sure to catch your fair share.

Fans can view the entire 2013 NHL Schedule Here

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