NHL 100 Classic: Ottawa Senators vs Montreal Canadiens @ TD Place Stadium

Winter Classic

The NHL 100 Classic is going to be a wonderful hockey game between two highly-competitive Canadian franchises. It is also going to be so much more. When it goes down on December 16 later this year, it will commemorate the 100th anniversary of the first games that were ever played during the regular-season in the National Hockey League, featuring the Montréal Canadians and the Ottawa Senators. Both squads have been around since the beginning, and an outdoor arena in Ottawa that has been around since 1908 is the perfect place to stage the historic event.


The game is also going to double as a celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Canadian Confederation. This is clearly a monumental event in the long history of a northern land that officially incorporated themselves into the global union as recent as 150 years ago. In a world where many countries have been in operation for several hundreds or even thousands of years, the impact that Canada has had upon the world in terms of sports and entertainment is undeniable.

NHL 100 Classic


The NHL 100 Classic will be a global display of the league and its continuing desire to host outdoor games. When the sport was initially invented on frozen ponds, it was obviously played underneath the elements. The chance to make that happen once again on immaculately-groomed ice in some of the biggest outdoor hotspots throughout Canada and the United States is a popular idea. At times during these highly-anticipated annual events, rain waters and gentle snowflakes have trickled down upon the ice as the biggest names of the sport have made their way across it. Such is a wonderful convergence of nature and professional athletics is unheard of until recent years.

Playing at TD Place Stadium


TD Place Stadium has a capacity of exactly 24,000 since it was gently renovated in 2014. Its architecture reveals that it was built to host football, soccer and other sports that can unfold on gigantic emerald expanses. But it can also be converted in a variety of ways to stage an array of other types of entertainment. In the final years of the 19th century, before the stadium was conceived of, designed and built, it served as a popular place for lacrosse, rugby and equestrian-related events.


No matter what the talent level of the squads, this game is going to have the attention of the hockey world. But both the Canadians and the Senators ruled the roost in the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference last season. The two squads finished #1 and #2. Montréal was bounced in the first-round by the New York Rangers, while Ottawa made it all the way to the Eastern Conference Finals, where they fell in seven games to the eventual Stanley Cup-winners Pittsburgh Penguins.

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