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In advance of many big fights and UFC events over the last decade-plus, two combatants have taken to separate microphones in front of big crowds with the idea of promoting an upcoming fight. Well, no upcoming fight has ever been quite like this, and no quick string of global press conferences has been quite like these. Here are the highlights of the four-day run that unfolded on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean to promote the mammoth clash of pro boxing and mixed martial arts on August 26 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Full Circle in Four Days

The fun began in Los Angeles with a throwdown by the Irish mixed martial arts champion that seemed to leave the undefeated boxing champion at a loss for words – or at the very least an absence of desire to respond to them. McGregor mocked Mayweather in many ways, including the fact that he had worn what he referred to as a “tracksuit” to the press conference, a stark contrast to that of the perfectly-tailored suit that the Irishman donned.

The next two press conferences in Toronto and Brooklyn were a bit bizarre in nature, seeming to be ad-libbed on the spot in terms of words and orchestration. The affairs began two hours late in Brooklyn and some fans complained of audio issues.

Fast-forward to the final London press conference, which was both theatrical and entertaining. The ropes of a boxing ring surrounded the two fighters on three sides, allowing McGregor to walk back and forth in front of the support of a mostly-British audience. Mayweather grabbed three of the four microphones available moments later before proceeding to engage in a classic WWF promotional-style segment.

WWF Blueprints

Speaking of the professional wrestling entertainment franchise that rose to prominence in the 1980s, they obviously laid down some of the outlines and essential scripts for how to correctly and colorfully promote an upcoming bout to fans who have a variety of entertainment options at their fingertips. The WWF rose to prominence during a time when America was almost starved of sports combat action, so some could say the UFC owes them a debt of gratitude. Others could say the lines of distinction between the two franchises are becoming blurred. Whatever the case, the world is officially primed for this one.

Vegas Odds Shifts

The old saying goes, “if Las Vegas doesn’t know, no one knows.” This pertains to the setting of odds for a variety of sporting events, perhaps most popularly those set for huge boxing matches such as this. Mayweather begin as a huge favorite in casinos, coming in as high as -800. This means that a fan of Money May would have to put $800 on the line in order to get a $100 profit in the end if he is able to win the fight.

On the other hand, McGregor began as a +700 underdog, meaning that a fan could profit $700 cash for every $100 they wagered on the Irishman to win. Since these press conferences began just a handful of days ago, the number has dropped to +400 in some places, meaning that a lot of money is coming in on the UFC champion with the 11 year youth advantage and lightning in his fists.

Getting Tickets @ Ticket Process

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