Mayweather Jr. Mcgregor SuperFight T-Mobile Arena Las Vegas

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In his first match, Conor McGregor won a TKO victory in the first round against Marcus Brimage, setting the stage for a handful of other TKO victories at the hands of talented opponents and riches that would soon arrive. Now comes the time when the Irishman who possesses an innate ability to not only fight, but promote and proliferate his fights is going to engage in his biggest bout ever.

McGregor has long called out boxing legend Floyd Mayweather, who possesses a 49-0 record in the ring. The sparks are going to fly on the final Saturday in August, and there is a very real chance that McGregor will prevail with a convincing victory that just might rock the sport of boxing to its core. Here are four legitimate explanations as to why McGregor can do exactly what he is setting out to do.

His Confidence

Conor McGregor is the modern-day standard for a fighter entirely sure of his talents. Floyd Mayweather is a worthy comparison, but fans would actually have to go back to Mohammed Ali in order to find a combatant so supremely confident in their talents and so supremely skilled in the spoken word as McGregor is.

There is a legitimate chance that McGregor will put a large amount of money on himself, especially if the Las Vegas odds continue to be in the area of 6-1. It Is worth noting that McGregor has never been fazed by a punch from an opponent less than 170 pounds. The fact that puffy boxing gloves will be used serves to further legitimize the notion that the Irishman will be able to beat the 40-something boxing black man at his own game.

His Swagger

Floyd Mayweather has used a signature confidence and a bold approach to the sport of boxing to make himself a very rich man. Conor McGregor has utilized a swagger that goes a step beyond to ensure that he has also become a very rich individual, and a victory over Floyd Mayweather in this fight will set the stage for him to become the richest athlete ever. Naturally, McGregor will come into the bout with a swagger just like he has carried into the UFC since he made his premier about a half-decade ago.

His Unique Training Regimens

Leading up to his fights against José Aldo and Nate Diaz, McGregor openly bragged that he trained by way of mimicking the motions of gorillas ready for battle. The low-lying and lowly-centered approach to the weight of the human body could certainly have benefited him, although the method he fought and beat those two opponents with involved throwing legal punches and kicks while on his feet.

The Irishman Within

Many fans of the fighting world are actually putting their cash on Floyd Mayweather, despite the fact that they need to lay $700 for every $100 they expect to win. Conversely, folks of Irish descent, as well as fans of the colorful, exciting and bold Irish heritage in general are anxious to put money on McGregor. He currently has a payoff of +650, his biggest number ever and a relatively small price, depending on which casino you ask.

Getting Your Tickets

Now that summer has officially arrived across the United States, the match between McGregor and Mayweather is on everybody’s lips. is the one stop shop for fans wanting to attend the August 26th show and offers tickets at prices that are easily affordable under any budget. Don’t miss out on an incredible fight and get yours today before it’s too late.

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