Live Sports: Some Big Time Sporting Events In 2013


As the calendar turns from 2012 to 2013, a brand-new chapter in live sports history begins. Once the Super Bowl is played in early February, the National Football League season officially comes to a close and the sporting public turns to basketball and hockey in the months leading up to the highly anticipated opening day of MLB Baseball. Professional tennis, golf and horseracing all begin their seasons in January, and by the time spring flowers are blooming, the tournaments and races are heating up. Here’s a quick look ahead at some of the biggest professional sporting events in the upcoming year.

The Kentucky Derby

This annual event takes place in the first Saturday in May and is widely regarded as horseracing’s single largest race. Tens of thousands of fans flock to Louisville, Kentucky to see and be seen during a weekend of fun that culminates with a two-minute race that can make legends out of equine and human athletes alike. Tickets typically sellout in the first months of the year, so anybody wishing to get in on this grandiose exclusive party should seek out avenues to do so.

UFC Live Events

The Ultimate Fighting Championship has grown into an enterprise that has easily exceeded the popularity of professional boxing, and major events are staged several times in any calendar year. Attending a UFC event is a thrilling experience, and the company makes sure to put together a large slate of fights that fill up entire afternoons and evenings. Many of the fighters in the mid-ranks are fighting for the right to be in the UFC as a career, which can be an incredibly powerful motivator and often leads to high-intensity battles with combatants from all different weight classes.

The MLB All Star Game

The 2013 MLB All Star Game will unfold this July at Citi Field in New York City, a newly-minted playing field that has been wowing fans since it opened its doors at the beginning of the 2009 season. Unlike All-Star games and other professional live sports, this one has a big-time impact on the postseason as whichever league wins the game will automatically be given home-field advantage during The Fall Classic. The days leading up to the game are full of fun, lighthearted contests and tests of on-field skill, and the game itself is a competitive affair that features nearly all of the greatest pitchers and hitters from the deeply talented league.

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