Jeff Dunham Announces 2013 Fall Disorderly Conduct Tour

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Jeff Dunham is a unique, bold and highly talented ventriloquist and comedian who is at his most comfortable in front of a large audience of fans. Dunham recently announced a tour that he has entitled “Disorderly Conduct,” a not-so-subtle suggestion that he is going to be pushing the limits. If you are one of the many Dunham Maniacs who often emerge from a Dunham performance with sore cheeks and abdomens as a result of endless laughter, you’ll be thrilled to know we constantly stock a large inventory of Jeff Dunham tour tickets.

By using a wide array of well-crafted puppets through which Dunham projects individual voices and personalities, the comedian is able to discuss topics and do things that most comedians simply cannot. Achmed the Dead Terrorist, for instance, is a serious-looking skeleton with a turban and a Middle Eastern accent who is addicted to explosions. The concept is comedic genius, but only a talent as fearless and creative as Dunham can pull it off. His shows are nonstop celebrations of his creative mind, and as many as a dozen different characters can be seen on any given night. Of course, he almost always comes through with favorites such as Walter, Peanut, Bubba J and Sweet Daddy Dee.

An abundance of talent and persistence have led to the 51-year-old becoming the highest-grossing standup comedian over the last few years by a wide margin. The craft of ventriloquism had essentially fizzled out in the 1980s until Dunham revived it around the turn-of-the-century, inspiring thousands of young kids around the nation to build their own puppets and infuse the figures with personality and life. Tickets to Jeff Dunham tour dates traditionally sellout quickly, which means if you are interested in seeing Dunham in person you should make it happen now.

Folks who have yet to see a live Dunham performance have likely become well-versed in his acts through several standup specials on Comedy Central, many of which have been running occasionally for years. The live shows present a much broader array of comedy and characters and are obviously devoid of pesky commercial breaks. In an ever-changing world that is sometimes a bit heavy on political correctness, Dunham has stuck to his creative guns over the years and continued to craft a routine that is as edgy as it is entertaining. His skills and techniques with the puppets have grown to be top-notch, and he is truly performing and thriving in two different forms of entertainment at once by telling fast-paced, witty jokes and executing the physical demands of the ventriloquism. Simply put, Dunham is a dynamic and talented man, and Jeff Dunham tickets are worth every penny.

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