Hollywood Bowl: The Lay of The Iconic Music Landmark


The Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles is one of several iconic landmarks in the region that draws visitors from around the globe on an annual basis. It is a bit too hilly and mountainous to traipse around the region on foot, but Hollywood Bowl is but a short drive from Hollywood Hills, the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the world-renowned Hollywood Sign. In fact, it is in the middle of a giant triangle formed by the three, and it has woven its roots deep into the local culture. Here are some specifics about the Hollywood Bowl seating chart and upcoming shows at the outdoor venue perfectly tucked into the bottom of a gently-sloping hillside.

The Hollywood Bowl Layout

From above, the entire layout of the seating area looks a lot like the shape of a grenade, or the shape of a water balloon being filled to its capacity by a fountain. Wait a minute – are water balloons simply less harmful and more playful renditions of grenades? I never made that connection up until just now.

In any case, there are essentially six giant sections that are curved in accordance with the curvature of the stage and spread out in row-like fashion. The closest area to the stage is the Pool Circle and the Side Boxes. The Garden Boxes flank the area and provide 1,000 or so up close glimpses. That row is flanked by the Terrace Boxes, also highly-exclusive seats that are close enough to see the sweat of the performers as they lay down their songs during summertime.

The next rows are the section K, section G in section F seats, highlighted in the middle by the “Super Seats.” Several handicap areas are available at the back of each of these sections. What is essentially the fourth row of sectional seating is between Promenade 3 and Promenade 4, and comprised of exactly 12 sections. The following two rows feature sections in puzzle-piece shapes that fill out the rounded bottom half of the arrangement. Because of a total of five promenades that arch perfectly and geometrically through the nearly 18,000 seats, the flow of traffic on foot and on wheels is stead going in and going out.

Upcoming Events at the Hollywood Bowl

A look at the upcoming schedule leaves no question that Hollywood Bowl is one of the single most popular places to perform for musicians of all genres. Huge performances in late-2017 included Lauryn Hill & Nas, Imagine Dragons, Chance the Rapper, Janet Jackson, Depeche Mode, Zac Brown Band and popular European rocker Morrissey. Hundreds upon hundreds of huge shows have gone down in the nearly 100 years of the venue’s existence. Some of the major highlights include 1964 and 1965 performances by the Beatles and a Pink Floyd set in 1972. Hollywood Bowl continues to be the home of the popular and distinguished Los Angeles Philharmonic.

Because of the on-the-pulse nature of the venue, events are rarely scheduled more than a few months in advance. The people behind-the-scenes at Hollywood Bowl move quickly before, during and after performances to continue to make the historic venue opened up all the way back in 1922 incredibly clean, comfortable, relevant and attractive.

John Stamos – Pure Imagination @ Hollywood Bowl

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