Hollywood Bowl Seating Chart – Detailed Hollywood Bowl Seating Chart w/ Seat Numbers


Perfectly nestled into the bottom of gently-sloping yet large and intimidating mountains, Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles is one of the great western amphitheaters that has truly blended nature with human culture. Everyone in attendance has an excellent view of the encapsulated stage thanks to perfectly-raked seating, and dozens of sizable sections comprise an impressive seating chart.

Concerts & Seating

In any given calendar year, Hollywood Bowl hosts a series of live concerts that bring world-class performers to the world-class venue. For folks interested in purchasing tickets to upcoming shows, an at least casual understanding of the Hollywood Bowl seating chart can pay huge dividends.

Flanking the stage is a 160° section known as the Pool Circle. Arranged seating can be created utilizing folding chairs, or the area can be a pit-style arrangement with free-standing patrons dancing throughout the evening. Just outside of that area are the coveted Garden Boxes, an area of box seating preferred by many folks who enjoy sitting as close to the action as possible.

Right behind the Garden Boxes are the Terrace Boxes, which are portioned off with metal and wood panels, providing a large, clothed table and either two or four seats. Fans who get tickets in this region are encouraged to bring in their own food, an opportunity that many Hollywood Bowl ticketholders utilize to create an almost at-home outdoor amphitheater concert experience.

Sections featuring letters K, J, H, G and S line the third gigantic seating section, highlighted by the “Super Seats,” which are configured right in the middle of the massive row, just between Promenade 2 and Promenade 3. Handicapped Seating is located near the back of these sections.

Turn of the Century Changes

Two more huge regions of seating are comprised of about a dozen sizable sections, and the seating area is rounded off with what are essentially half-sections featuring letters X, W, and V.

The venue was opened to the public in the late 1920s, and sound engineers and experts have had ample time to tinker with getting the audio as clean and smooth as possible for every pair of ears throughout the venue.

Just after the turn-of-the-century, the Hollywood Bowl underwent renovations that included the implementation of large video screens and the fortification and preservation of the classic and iconic half-bowl that encapsulates the stage. Hollywood Bowl hosts events on a very regular basis, and affordable tickets are only a few clicks away.

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