Garth Brooks Announces Atlanta, GA as Second Stop On World Tour

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Although his real first name is Troyal, the name Garth Brooks has been stamped into the minds of country music fans throughout the global during the last 20 years. The Oklahoma native became one of the most recognizable names in country music throughout the 1990s, a time in which he dominated the entire music industry in terms of ticket sales and chart-topping hits. Skeptics and haters could complain that he actually garnered too much attention during his prime, skewing the public’s view of country music. Conversely, fans can argue that no musician had a bigger impact on their genre during their prime.

If you are one of the tens of millions who call themselves GB fans, you probably know that he has announced a tour which will take him through North America in the upcoming months. It is the first of its kind in well over a decade, since Brooks retired from live performing to tend to raising a family.

Those truly familiar with the 52-year-old know that he is a hard-working, blue-collar type who has never taken his eyes off of the prize in terms of being a successful artist while juggling the important things that matter the most in life. Fans who’ve been following his career since its inception may know that he hinted at retirement all the way back in the early 90s, but he didn’t take himself up on the offer until the turn-of-the-century, when he officially disappeared from the touring circuit despite an incredibly high demand for Garth Brooks concert tickets.


This was after a decade of incredible success, where Brooks was nothing short of the frontman for all of country music. The man adorned in black clothing and a black cowboy hat was willing to take plenty of risks in front of live audiences in order to entertain. He took a huge risk in 1999 by releasing album under the alias Chris Gaines, an endeavor that ended up being more of a punchline than a new avenue. But those days are long behind the man who has been anointed the best-selling soloists of all time in the United States, second only to the incomparable Elvis Presley.


With an undying love for music, performing and pleasing fans, it will likely be very easy for Brooks to step back into the bright spotlight of headlining major shows. An upcoming tour will take him to big cities throughout the country.

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