Epic New Year’s Eve: Billy Joel at Barclay’s Center

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Literally hundreds of New Year’s Eve shows will be unfolding throughout this fine nation on the year’s final night, but you would be hard-pressed to find one more spectacular and highly anticipated than Billy Joel’s December 31 appearance at New York City’s Barclays Center.

Those who have followed the career of the incredibly talented and genuine singer, pianist and songwriter know that he will go down in history as one of the most important musical figures of the second half of the 20th century. His fans span a lexicon of folks from all walks of life who have been drawn into his bluesy type of rock ‘n roll that strikes chords with many hard-working and hard-living Americans. Not only has he successfully merged different genres, Joel has actually built a bridge to foreign cultures by way of his music.

Unlike many artists whose lyrics are carefully manufactured to create and preserve a certain image, Joel has continually shown his sensitivity and vulnerability as a human being, as well as his love of a good party. This has only gone to further endear him to many fans who have attended Billy Joel concerts and have used Billy Joel’s music to help them through certain trials and tribulations in life.

He is clearly most comfortable while performing on stage in front of his fans, and he has such a large library of hits to choose from, he can actually make every single concert unique and noticeably different. Of course, he will be playing a dozen or so songs that have helped him to make his name in the music industry over the many decades, including Piano Man, Uptown Girl, New York State of Mind, Big Shot, You May Be Right, and a half dozen others.

The chance to see him perform at one of the most luxurious and architecturally stunning buildings in all of the nation is a rare opportunity. For the show to go down on New Year’s Eve is a situation that sounds like something out of a dream for fans. Billy Joel Barclays Center tickets are in high demand, and smart fans will move sooner rather than later to secure theirs.

For those who have yet to pay a visit to Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, Billy Joel’s NYE concert would be the perfect time to see the gem located in the heart of what is arguably the most popular borough in a city that is clearly the largest cultural epicenter in all of the United States.

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