Canelo vs GGG: Alvarez vs Golokin Tickets Las Vegas at T-Mobile Arena Las Vegas 9/17


The fighting pride of Mexico is clearly Canelo Alvarez, and he is going to square off against Gennady Golovkin, an incredibly successful Kazakhstani slugger from the Middleweight division. It will take place on the evening of Saturday, September 16 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, and the anticipation is already building surrounding the two middleweight phenoms for whom losing a fight seems as probable as sneaking a sunrise past a rooster.

The sparks are going to fly on the third Saturday in September, and here are a few things that every fighting fan should know about this bout.

West vs East

Canelo was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico in the mid-summer of 1990. He was actually born Santos Saul Alvarez Barragan, but he soon was given the moniker Canelo due to his unique and rare red hair. For a Mexican fighter to be tough as nails and ready to pack a punch is nothing rare. Fighters have been coming out of the central-American region over the course of the last half-century to achieve greatness in the United States and beyond.

Golovkin initially appears as though he may be an accountant or a successful man in the advertising business. When wearing a buttoned-up collared shirt with his hair gently parted to the right, he looks much less intimidating than he actually is inside of a ring.

The plain truth is, the man nicknamed Triple G and the “God of War” is one of the most dangerous and talented Middleweights in the world. He gives a handful of years to Canelo, as Golovkin was born in the then-Soviet Union all the way back in early-April 1982. He is 35 years old, although he could easily pass as a 21-year-old if he needed to.

Mutual Respect

In an era where many professional fighting leagues are taking to the original blueprint of the WWF in the 1980s in order to sell and promote fights, these two combatants have been noticeably subdued and respectful toward one another in the weeks and months leading up to them squaring off.

After Alvarez beat Chavez Jr in early-May, he immediately proclaimed that the undefeated Russian would be his next opponent. The exact words were, “Golovkin, you’re next, my friend. This fight is done. I’ve never feared anyone. When I was born, fear was gone.” It was obviously a bold and confident statement to put in the lap of an upcoming opponent, but the Russian responded fluidly and without taking the bait.

“I feel very excited. Right now is a different story. I’m ready. I think everyone is excited for September. Canelo looked very good tonight and he is 100%, the biggest challenge of my career. Good luck to him in September.”

Time and Place

Timing is everything, according to several wise men who’ve spoken about it over the years. Staging a fight on a Saturday night in mid-September is a very smart endeavor, as the attention of the sporting world is on the college football games that will unfold throughout the day and the anticipation of the professional football games that will unfold throughout the next. To place a major boxing event at the foot of that expanse is wise for several reasons.

The T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas was one of the boldest and most innovative ventures that the city known for gambling and nightlife has embarked upon in well over a decade. Located at the southern foot of the famed Las Vegas Strip, it has quickly become an epicenter of fun for all folks who want to take in everything from huge MMA events to huge concerts. On the evening of September 16, the relatively newly-minted venue will have the attention of the entire fighting universe.

Finding Affordable Tickets

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