Boxing News & Tickets: Canelo Alvarez vs. Amir Khan Las Vegas

Canelo Alvarez vs. Amir Khan

The boxing slate in 2016 just got a lot more interesting, as Canelo Alvarez has agreed to fight Amir Khan in Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday, May 7. has a large selection of affordable tickets available to fight fans who want to secure their seats in what should be an electric atmosphere.

Many expected Khan to fight Kell Brook for the welterweight title in London, but opportunity arose, and the 29-year-old lunged at the opportunity to fight the Mexican middleweight champion known for packing stadiums with passionate fans.

Oscar De La Hoya worked behind-the-scenes on behalf of Alvarez to set up the fight, which will take place at the T-Mobile Arena just a few weeks after the projected opening date of the venue that broke ground in May of 2014.

Both fighters are putting a lot of chips to the center of the table. Khan has not lost a fight since July 2012, and Alvarez has only one loss in his entire career, at the hands of Floyd Mayweather back in 2013.

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