Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival 2017

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The word “Bonnaroo” is traditional Creole slang term for “having a really good time.” The powers that be who came together to create this magic modern festival all the way back in 2002 named it very appropriately. It continues to be the centerpiece of summer for several fans who either live in or around Nashville or make the pilgrimage each calendar year. The lineups are always packed with the biggest names in all of the modern genres, and this year’s schedule was recently released.

The fun will begin on the evening of Thursday, June 8 and extend through Sunday, June 11, when Bonnaroo 2017 will culminate with the major highlights of the gigantic schedule.

Festival Activities and More

There are some gargantuan names on this year’s schedule, including world-class rock band U2 and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Both have a large library of hits they can choose from and a huge history of playing gigantic festivals such as these. Additionally, both bands have lended their talents to global causes, U2’s front man Bono being at the center of many meaningful international movements.

The rock world is represented in full voice, as is the rap world. The Weeknd and Chance The Rapper will both be putting on huge sets in front of a massive audience flanking a huge stage, many of which will be utilizing the opportunity to camp and explore other entertainment options on the massive facility in Manchester, Tennessee.

As usual, there are far too many bands and soloists to rattle off, and the list extends well into the newcomers of the music world who will be given a stage, a microphone and the greatest opportunity they could ever hope for to turn themselves into superstars. Some other huge names include Cage The Elephant, Lorde, Travis Scott, Flume, Umphrey’s McGee, Royal Blood and Major Lazer.

There is an abundance of natural energy that circuits through the environment on the multi-day festival hosted on approx 530 acres of pristine Tennessee land. Event organizers purchased the property in 2007 with the idea of simplifying the process of staging events of all sizes. With a total of 10 stages, hundreds of acts are fit in over the course of the event, including musical performances representing nearly all relevant genres and an array of comedians hoping to make their mark with a youthful audience hungry for several forms of entertainment.

Presale Tickets and Info

Folks who buy three or four-day tickets will be able to submerge themselves in the culture and freethinking vibe that resonates inside of the famed arched entryway. Parades, giant meditation and yoga groups and a variety of kids activities abound, as well as interactive booths that allow patrons to do everything from taste the most delicious food Tennessee has to offer to register to vote for the next election.

The music is obviously at the forefront of this annual summer mega-event, but it isn’t every slice of the pie for those interested in taking in as much of the Bonnaroo experience as possible. An array of affordable ticket options are but a few clicks away.


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