Beckham To Retire After Final Game With L.A. Galaxy

Soccer superstar David Beckham is still youthful and athletic enough to be useful on the grandest stages and all of the soccer world, but the 37-year-old recently announced he will be hanging up his cleats following his final game with the Los Angeles Galaxy, which is set to take place in less than two weeks.┬áThe news of Beckham’s upcoming retirement has sent shockwaves through the soccer world, and many wondered why he waited so long into the season to make the announcement. It could be that Beckham just came to the conclusion himself, or it could also be that he didn’t want an entire season of speculation and pressure to come back create a distraction for him and his teammates.

Beckham is clearly a man of conviction, and he is very unlikely to change his mind on this decision. Soccer fans can take solace in the fact they were able to watch one of the greatest of all time, and those lucky enough to get their hands on MLS Soccer tickets to the exclusive upcoming games featuring the Los Angeles Galaxy will get to see the legend up close and personal one last time. The remaining MLS Schedule is packed with important matches.

Because of his charming good looks and spry athleticism, many people don’t realize that Beckham is quickly approaching the age of 40. He played for the youth version of Manchester United all the way back in 1991, and broke into their professional team in 1993, the first of an 11-year stint with the franchise. Beckham was passed around from Spain to the West Coast of the United States and back to Italy in recent years, playing for the English National teams all the while and leading nearly all of his squads in goal scoring.

Beckham’s 20-year professional career is nothing short of amazing, and he is retiring before reaching that embarrassing phase that legendary athletes sometimes go through when they are skills deteriorate but there desire to play remains. Beckham is going out on his own terms and on a high wave, and those who enjoy seeing his face on television and in magazines will not be deprived of the experience just because he is soon to be officially retired from the sport of soccer.

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