Ticket Buying Guide For When Tickets Go On Sale

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The Weeks Before an Online Sale

Anyone interested in purchasing tickets should be crystal clear about the official dates and exact times that the tickets go on sale. This type of research should be done weeks if not months in advance of the sale date, and the info should be put into a digital device or onto a calendar, or both.

Hundreds of soloists and musical groups, and a variety of supremely talented entertainment acts go on tour during the winter, spring, summer and fall of any given year. There is no off-season for concerts and live shows – so keep your eyes and ears open and regularly check in on major ticket sites including (but not limited to) Ticketmaster and or resale sites such as Tips Ticket Buying Tips

A Day Before

A series of logical things should be conducted the day prior to purchasing tickets intended for immediate resale. For starters, the hours leading up to the beginning of the sale, which begins at 10 AM local time in many cases, should be completely clear of all other activities. All distractions need to be eliminated, and all affairs such as dog or cat needs should be addressed well in advance.

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Ticketmaster Buying Tips

30 Minutes Before

Now is the time to check and re-check your Internet connection, and enter the virtual waiting room. You will see a second-by-second countdown.

Relax, but also be on your toes. Understand that there are thousands of people in your place, and feel free to take a moment to marvel at the systems necessary to sell 50,000 electronically within 30 seconds or so. The online ticket marketplace is a sensible, easy-to-navigate world, but things do move very quickly.

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10 Minutes Before

Now may be a good time to mute (or even turn off) your cellphone if you are buying the tickets using a tablet, laptop or computer. A “Please do not Disturb – Baby Sleeping” sign may even be hung on the door to ensure that a poll taker or chatty neighbor doesn’t knock during crunch time. Now is also a good time to open up several browser windows of the waiting room, giving you additional chances to win spur of the moment ticket lotteries that automatically occur once sales go live. A sip or two of a favorite beverage at this point is not a bad idea.

60 Seconds Before

Relax and confirm that everything is in working order by watching the final 60 seconds tick down.

Live Time

Once the sale becomes live, there is usually a huge rush of adrenaline, even for veterans of the ticket reselling business. Immediately search for which tickets are available, and quickly analyze seats that are open on the seating chart map. Once you click on tickets that you intend to buy, you will have between three and 10 minutes to complete each of the next few steps of the checkout process. Working with several browser windows up at one time will allow you various chances to complete these steps within the allotted time. Be quick of mind and accurate of finger, and you should have your hands on some nice seats within 10 minutes. Happy hunting.

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