Aerosmith Continues to Tease North American Fans Regarding Epic 2017 Run

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When legendary rock band Aerosmith hangs up their guitars and microphones forever, it will certainly be a bittersweet situation. They will have completed the extensive process of making important and legendary music since they came together in 1970, but it will represent the turning off of an important creative spout. When they were signed to their first official record deal in 1972 with Columbia Records, the sky quickly became the limit.

Many fans in North America follow the group on social media and other online platforms. This gives millions of followers continual hope that the band starring Steven Tyler and Joe Perry will soon announce a North American stretch of a world tour that is now weaving its way overseas.

What Will Be Next?

The “Areo-Vederci Tour” is going to play major cities throughout Europe in the initial months of 2017. This includes a May show in Tel Aviv, Israel, June shows in France and Italy, and a July 5 stop in Zürich, Switzerland.

It would be bizarre and unusual for the band initially spawned in Boston, Massachusetts to not give the fans in the United States and Canada one last run of live shows, if this is indeed their final tour. The unique name of the tour suggests that it could very well be the last time that all of these multi-talented musicians come together to work their craft in front of live audiences.

Live touring has supplanted creating albums as the official way of making money for legendary musicians in the modern era. The Internet has provided a way and means for fans to essentially access music for free. Thankfully, there is no way to access live performances that put fans in the middle of the action for free, as of yet.

This means that bands from the past are likely to continue to tour for as long as it is wildly profitable for them to do so. For Aerosmith to leave several doors wide open indicates that they have a lot of work left to showcase in front of passionate fans in the upcoming years.

It does not take a genius to guess which major North American cities they will play once they do indeed announce a tour schedule. Boston, New York, Nashville, Atlanta, Miami, Houston, Dallas, Denver, San Francisco and Los Angeles are all viable candidates with worthy venues.

 Info for Tickets

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