AC DC Tour 2014: AC DC Announce 2014 Tour and Brand New Studio Album

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AC/DC is an Australian rock band that hit the world like a left hook in the early 1970s and has been kicking butt on tour and in studios ever since. Although a few short breaks here and there have given the current and former members time to rest their voices, the band has essentially been on one gigantic tour around the world for the better part of the last 40 years.

Now comes the news that AC/DC will be entering the studio in May to finalize the efforts of their latest album before embarking on a large AC/DC 2014 concert tour. Members Angus and Malcolm Young have been with the group since it was formed in The Land Down Under during a pivotal time in music history and a time of massive cultural change in regions all over the world. Named after a type of circuitry that allows electricity into homes all over the globe, AC/DC has pumped a massive amount of electricity into each of their live performances that have taken place in front of millions of AC/DC ticket holders over the decades.

The band splashed on the scene with a single entitled, It’s a Long Way to the Top, a track that quickly shot to the top of the charts, doubling as a biographical admission regarding the long road the band had traveled to national notoriety. The song Back in Black was written the late 1970s and released in 1980 before becoming one of the single most recognizable songs throughout one of the most memorable decades in American music history.

Like many bands who have been on the scene for quite a long time, AC/DC was accused of becoming commercialized in the 1990s as they lent their songs to corporations to use in advertisements. But this never once wavered the incredible world-class skill that each band member possesses and the utter dedication and devotion to their craft that they continuously display.

What you need to know is that their upcoming 40th Anniversary Tour is expected to feature exactly 40 highly anticipated gigs sprinkled all over North America. If you’re interest in getting in on the tour, please check back on a regular basis for information, updates and the most affordable and easy to access AC/DC tickets that can be found online as well as discounts and fan codes here.


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