4 Things to Know About the Phish Baker’s Dozen 2017 MSG Tour


The news is out that Phish will play a total of 13 shows at Madison Square Garden beginning on Friday, July 21 and running through Sunday, August 6. There will be a couple days off in between consecutive nights of shows, but this is a highly-ambitious and impressive run that borders on historic in terms of when and where it is being hosted.

Here are four interesting factoids and things to know about the upcoming run that the band initially formed in Vermont in 1983 is set to embark on this summer.

52 shows at MSG

Madison Square Garden is without a doubt one of the biggest entertainment epicenters in the world. As the bustling metropolis of New York City has garnered attention for a variety of reasons over the last several decades, events such as huge concerts, basketball games and professional boxing matches at the place known as MSG have served as timestamps.

Epic events have unfolded inside of the large cement walls. Once these 13 shows are completed, Phish will reign supreme as one of the few artists in history who have performed 50 or more shows at the venue.

Their number will be 52 (dating back to their first MSG show in December 1994), which is the exact same number as The Grateful Dead. Two other soloists have performed more than 50 shows at MSG. We will give you a few seconds to think about who they may be… 3…..2….1…..Indeed, Sir Elton John and the great Billy Joel – a native of Brooklyn – have accomplished this incredibly distinctive feat requiring both longtime greatness and relevance.


The Half-Dozen Genres


Phish has made swift moves to set themselves apart from the rest of popular bands who rose to prominence in the 1990s and have since remained in the middle of the scene. Their unique style catered to showing off and demonstrating their amazing breadth of musical talent has not gone unnoticed by folks responsible for categorizing modern-day music.


Genres were much more clearly defined in the 1970s and 1980s, before Phish came along and staked their claim in everything from psychedelic rock, funk, reggae, hard rock and bluegrass to a cappella. Six genres is a safe number to assign to the group that continues to redefine music itself, although hard-core fans could argue that they belong in as many as a Baker’s dozen.


Donuts Rolling Down Eighth Ave


The most recent promotional video for the 13-show run in the heart of New York City featured gigantic donuts perfectly created and frosted rolling down the major avenues of The Big Apple, toward Madison Square Garden. While the symbolism is debatable, the fun that the band continues to have at every juncture of their continuing career is infectious among fans. Many are anxious to purchase affordable tickets, and all can do so now with just a few simple clicks.

Phish Tickets

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Phish – 1/2/15 “Weekapaug Groove”

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