4 Things to Consider Before attending a Concert


Many true music fans attend a handful of concerts every year. Others attend just one or two, and an even smaller group attend a concert every year or so. No matter what your level of regularity with live music may be, it is important to understand what goes into having the most enjoyable experience. Here are four things to take into account before attending your next concert.


Taking the weather into account is absolutely essential for any well-equipped and educated concert-goer. This pertains to all sorts of extremes. Typically, the influence of whether would involve wearing additional layers in order to be prepared for cold and perhaps some raindrops. But the inverse is also true. In the summer of 2017, Brad Paisley staged a concert at the Toyota Amphitheater, just 40 miles north of Sacramento. The show took place as temperatures rose to and leveled out at 105°.

In that situation, towels soaked in cold water could be worth their weight in gold. It is all about scouting out the environment in advance. During many months of the year in most of North America, extreme weather is not an issue. But folks who get caught unaware in extremes can end up passed out and assed out, resulting in far-reaching negative implications.

Venue Rules

There are some obvious rules that every person entering into a concert area is typically aware of. But there are also some gentle idiosyncrasies pertaining to each particular live entertainment venue, which is why everyone who has a ticket to an upcoming show should take a look at exactly what the rules of the place are. This pertains to backpacks. This pertains to coolers. This pertains to an array of other elements that are sometimes totally acceptable and at other times completely prohibited. It is best to know up front than to be caught unaware at the gate. So now’s the perfect time to acquaint yourself with the rules of the venue which you will be attending soon.


It is no secret that attending a concert or a music Festival is a very expensive endeavor. Not bringing enough money to enjoy all elements of the experience can be a mistake. Parking fees, camping fees, drinks and food can easily jet up into the triple digits on any given day. It is important to enjoy one’s self during concerts, and that comes with dropping some coin – any way you slice it.

Set Lists

In the modern era of digital technology, the everyday fan is actually able to find the set list of the performer they’re going to see. Unless it is the first or second show on the tour, diligent folks will be able to find the exact order of songs that each soloist or band is performing during shows on their current tour. This allows fans truly dialed into the inside experience to acquaint themselves with what the gist of the night in advance. The idea is that they will be able to realize the experience as it unfolds. They will also be able to impress fans nearby by correctly predicting songs as they unfold live.

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