UFC 205 Presale Password & Codes – Madison Square Garden New York November 12th


UFC 205 is going to be one of the biggest events in the history of the multi-billion-dollar fighting franchise. Fans are preparing to say hello to New York City for the first time ever. The epic fighting league staged UFC 200 just a few months ago, and this night could end up being even bigger once all the tokens and receipts and tallied.
Here are four things every fan should know about UFC 205, which will unfold on Saturday, November 12.

Big Apple Debut

Soon after the Ultimate Fighting Championship got its legs underneath it and begin to stage major events in the mid-90s, the state of New York – and specifically New York City – banned any and all mixed martial arts competition from taking place within its boundaries.
It was a bit of a blow to the UFC moving forward, as New York City is obviously a huge place to stage events. But they have steadily moved on and grown into one of the most popular sporting empires on the planet. The current hub of action is Las Vegas, Nevada, a desert city that features a slew of impressive venues for grown-ups to have fun and experience titillation of all kinds.


Now that front man Dana White and the company know that New York City and Madison Square Garden are open game to stage high-stakes events featuring the most talented fighters in the industry, things are going to change.
MSG has changed very little in terms of architecture and renovations since it opened to the public in October 1964. And for good reason. It has always been an iconic and well-recognized magnet of global entertainment. Only the best acts of music, show business, Pro wrestling, basketball and boxing have been invited to take the exclusive stage in recent decades. The UFC’s arrival in November of this year will come as a sonic boom to a region thirsty for this type of entertainment.

The 205th

UFC 1 took place at the McNichols Sports Arena in Denver, Colorado on the evening of November, 12, 1993. With an attendance of just under 8000 but a cable purchase total of around 86,000, the forces behind the scenes were encouraged by the outcome in more ways than one.
Amazingly, grappler Royce Gracie won three events that evening, all by way of submission. Fast-forward two and a half decades, and some of the most elite, highly-trained and highly-promoted fighters in the world do battle in the Octagon on any given weekend. UFC 200 was huge, and UFC 205 should and could be just a bit bigger.

Tyron Woodley & Cowboy Cerrone

These two legends of the UFC are not fighting each other on this particular evening, unless you consider the battle for ratings and coveted bonuses involving knockouts and submissions.
A native of Ferguson, Missouri, Tyron Woodley is coming off of three consecutive victories over highly-ranked opponents. He is squaring off against Stephen Thompson.
Donald Cerrone is going to face the next best man up after initial opponent Robbie Lawler decided to back out. Let the fun begin. Tickets are only a click or two away. 

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