2017 Guns N’ Roses Tour: GNR Presale Tickets For Added Tour Dates On Sale Today


Fans in New Jersey, New York, Toronto, and throughout California recently rejoiced in the fact that Guns N’ Roses recently announced an official extension to their massive 2017 run of shows. The ‘Not in This Lifetime World Tour’ officially began in 2016, and the most recent box office total was over $230 million. Fans have been experiencing huge live concerts on a stratospheric level.

The tour is going to be one of the single biggest for a classic rock band in the modern era, and TicketProcess.com has already stocked a huge array of affordable seats to the 11 newly-announced shows. Here is the crux of the new info that all GN’R fans would be wise to know.

The Perfect Fit

As opposed to adding tour dates to the end of an already developed schedule, the band has instead opted to carefully insert tour dates into the latter half of what has already been scheduled. This means that a tour that was initially slated to run from late-July to late-November will still do so. Additional tour dates have been infused into the majority of August and throughout November.

Madison Square Garden

Behold the New York City epicenter of entertainment. Madison Square Garden is a modern relic, but it only dates back to the mid-20th century. It finally came to be after Penn Station was deconstructed, which was not an easy task up front in NYC in the 60s. In the 70s, 80s and 90s, Madison Square Garden hosted an array of events that helped make it arguably the single most reputable and recognizable indoor entertainment venue on Earth. On the evenings of October 16 and October 19, it will host to epic Guns N’ Roses shows. This complements two already-announced MSG shows on the original slate of performances, bringing the grand total to four shows.

California Dreaming

Three California shows were already scheduled for the final days of November within the initial announcement of tour dates, and that total has been doubled to six following the most recent reveal. New shows include a November 18 performance at the Golden 1 Arena in Sacramento, a November 28 show at the Valley View Casino Center in San Diego and an additional Los Angeles show at The Forum, which will take place on November 29.


Full Squad

When Slash initially announced that he would return to the band a few decades after he and Axl rose had creative differences that led to a separation, millions of fans throughout North America and beyond we pumped. In the few years since, they have continued to work their magic to bring their greatest songs to life in front of sold-out audiences. It only makes sense that they would extend the tour that has been sold-out since just a few minutes after each ticket became available at each venue. The fun is going to begin soon, and everyone who visits TicketProcess.com will be able to access an array of cheap Guns N’ Roses tickets at their leisure.

Tickets & Info

Finding tickets to the newly added shows is now easier than ever. At TicketProcess.com, fans can find all up-to-date information regarding all of the hottest tours from all of your favorite artists including the newly added Guns N’ Roses shows. Don’t miss out on what is to be one of the greatest live shows of all time and get your tickets at TicketProcess.com before it’s too late.

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