2014 Burn It Down Tour: Jason Aldean Set to Stage Over 50 North American Concerts

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“I think we’re going to do a total of about 50 shows on this tour,” said Jason Aldean in a recent appearance on the popular morning television show Good Morning America. He had the attention of everyone in studio and millions around the nation when he announced his intentions to embark on a large 2014 Jason Aldean Tour that will likely stop down in at least half of the states in North America.

Aldean gave viewers a glimpse into his personal upbringing by admitting that he had dreamed of being a Major League Baseball player throughout most of his youth. Even though he’s been strumming a guitar with his father since his grammar school days, he was confident that he had enough talent as a first baseman to someday make a living playing hardball. Unfortunately for him and fortunately for country music fans all over the world, that career path never panned out.

But Aldean has always held strong to his connection to and love for the sport of baseball, which is exactly why he partnered with MLB to launch his upcoming Burn It Down Tour. The 36-year-old who has sold nearly 10,000,000 albums worldwide and produced a total of a dozen #1 singles will be playing Jason Aldean concerts at a variety of outdoor baseball stadiums that will hold tens of thousands of fans who are wise enough to get tickets.

The series of stadium shows are sure to be very special. Many of the locales are top-flight works of architecture that give everyone who walks through the gates plenty of great photo opportunities. In advance of each of the stadium events, a stage will be erected somewhere on the field and surrounded by a few thousand fans who get in on the floor, or in this instance “field”, seating.

Aldean admitted that he decided to abandon his dreams of playing baseball he realized that he simply did not have enough power as a hitter. The power he wields in the country music world is quite substantial, and he is preparing to put on some of the best shows he has ever staged in a career that is quickly being stamped into country music history. Fans interested in securing Jason Aldean Tickets would be wise to do so at their earliest convenience, before the tour kicks off in the spring and the dates come along quicker than Georgia downpours in the summertime.

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