2013 Metallica iMax Movie: ‘Through The Never’

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When alien colonies comb through the evidence of human life on Planet Earth eons from now, they will surely discover plenty of evidence of the existence of Metallica, perhaps the single greatest heavy metal band of all time. After a short tour in which they thrilled fans, they will soon be embarking on a nationwide jaunt through the country where they will play live performances at the highly-anticipated premieres of their upcoming movie Metallica: Through the Never.

The full-length feature film will play at IMAX theaters all over the nation, meaning that the living legends of hard-core metal will be literally larger-than-life on gigantic high-resolution screens that utilize the best that modern technology has to offer. Directed by Nimrod Antal and co-written by him and the band members, this mammoth Metallica movie is expected to pack theaters throughout the United States.

The film has the same name of a very popular Metallica song from the early 1990s, but it is expected to be one gigantic culmination and celebration of the last 30+ years in which this group has not only thrived but dominated a very competitive metal genre.
A peek at the Metallica Through the Never IMAX Trailer reveals nonstop-pulse pounding action that blends masterful warlike scenes throughout a dimly-lit city with colorful and explosive footage of the band playing their most well-known hits on various stages. As has become custom for Metallica, their stages are adorned with colossal depictions of symbolic figures that conjure up essential human contrasts such as war and peace, poverty and wealth and justice and anarchy.
Lars Ulrich and the rest of the guys are very anxious for opening night to arrive, and it is expected that Metallica Through the Never will gain a lot of box office momentum in the days and weeks after it is released, to the point where it may end up being one of IMAX’s most successful ventures ever.
This Metallica movie is being billed as “The biggest band in the world on the biggest screen in the world.” If you are true Metallica fan, get yourself to an IMAX theater in the very near future.

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