TicketProcess Gearing Up For 2013 BCS Championship Game

If you’re a fan of college football then you are probably quite excited about the small fleet of upcoming BCS Bowl games, which will be highlighted by the BCS Championship Game in Miami on January 7. Naturally, we at TicketProcess.com are in the process of securing a large fleet of BCS Bowl tickets to each and every game, and we will be pricing them to move. Few live events in the annual football schedule are more exciting and enthralling than BCS games, where two schools essentially ante all of the chips to the center of the table for one night of ferocious battle in front of a national audience. Here’s a peek ahead at the highly anticipated games.

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish have climbed college football’s mountain and reached its most coveted peak for the first time in over two decades, and if they are able to beat a talented and deep Alabama Crimson Tide team come the second Monday of the year, the 2012 Fighting Irish will cement their place as one of the most surprising stories of all time. Unranked at the beginning of the year, the Irish quietly mowed through their schedule while other more highly touted programs tripped over themselves and missed out on the opportunity to play in college football’s most coveted game. Led by stud linebacker and Heisman trophy finalist Mantei Te’o, the Irish put together a stout defensive unit that is very difficult to score on.

The Alabama Crimson Tide dominated the first portion of the schedule before a major stumble against Texas A&M conceivably cost them their chance to visit the BCS Championship Game for the second year in a row. After winning the remainder of their games and watching some of their adversaries fall by the wayside, Alabama has been presented with a golden opportunity to bring another championship home to Tuscaloosa, even though they were not able to finish the season with an unblemished record. Experts expect the BCS Championship Game to be a low-scoring and competitive affair, much like last year’s battle between Alabama and LSU.

Along with the BCS National Championship Game, four other major BCS Bowls will unfold in the first three days of January. The Rose Bowl will pit eighth-ranked Stanford against an unranked Wisconsin team that just scored 70 points in the Big Ten championship. The Orange Bowl will feature Florida State and a feisty Northern Illinois team that snuck into the BCS picture with a big-time victory over Kent State last week. The Sugar Bowl features the Florida gators versus the Louisville Cardinals, and all eyes will be on Glendale, Arizona on January 3 when the Oregon Ducks take on the Wildcats from Kansas State.

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