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Tickets Make Some Of The Best Holiday Gift Ideas

Finding the perfect gift for a difficult-to-shop-for person or person someone who is far younger or older can be a difficult task. Purchasing a piece of clothing, a set of houseware or other specific item can be a bit of … Continue Reading

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NFL Quarterbacks: 3 Best Backup QB’s In The NFL

  Professional football has always been an extremely physical sport. Massive and powerful bodies crashing together at high speeds is sure to create a bevy of injuries. NFL Quarterbacks have always been especially susceptible to injuries, but they’ve been dropping … Continue Reading

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Thanksgiving 2012 Football: Wise 1st Quarter Decisions Are Key To Enjoying Thanksgiving’s Offerings

Every fan of NFL football knows that Thanksgiving Day is full of feasts; and not just those that involve turkey, gravy and stuffing. The natural human inclination is to fill yourself as full as possible of every enjoyable thing at … Continue Reading

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Beckham To Retire After Final Game With L.A. Galaxy

Soccer superstar David Beckham is still youthful and athletic enough to be useful on the grandest stages and all of the soccer world, but the 37-year-old recently announced he will be hanging up his cleats following his final game with … Continue Reading

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Top NBA Teams

  The overwhelming majority of the league’s teams are 10 games into a long and demanding 82-game NBA schedule, and a handful of surprises have already raised the eyebrows of basketball fans all over the world. Here’s a breakdown of … Continue Reading

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Taylor Swift Red Tour 2013

Pop and country music starlet Taylor Swift will be preparing, choreographing and rehearsing a huge live show in the upcoming months, and fans only have to wait until next March for Swift’s massive Red tour to begin. Swift’s ability to … Continue Reading

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5 Tips For Tailgating Success


If there is one sport that sets up perfectly for the classic American activity of pregame tailgating, it is clearly the wonderful sport of football. Tens of millions of football fans will attend NFL and college football games this season, … Continue Reading

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